How To Succeed As A Freelance Translator Online

Domain names need to be registered and images, text need to be placed somewhere to be online. This means that you need to find an authorized party called registrar to register your domain and you need to find a service company to place your text files, images, video called hosting provider. There are thousands of registrars and hosting providers on the Internet. To make the right choice is very difficult. If you fail to find the right provider for your translation services website, then you might have big problems regarding optimization of your website. But you are very lucky, as I have come through all these trials and failures before I have discovered the right choice. And here I am to share it with you.

How To Register A Domain Name

If you have read guidelines on choosing the right domain name and how to choose the domain name in translation niche then probably you have a list of domains that you would like to set up. If not, please go through these articles and create a list of domains that you consider unique, short and catchy for your translation services website. You can also read why a freelance translator needs a website. Afterwards you need to check which websites are available to register, i.e. which websites are not taken. As a rule most hosting providers offer a tool on their website to check the availability. I like Godaddy tool. So you can go to their website and carry out your examination.

WordPress As The Best CMS Platform for A Translator’s Website

CMS – content management system which controls the texts, images, videos etc for your translation services website. There are quite a lot of CMS platforms nowadays, but the most popular is WordPress. This CMS has come a long way and nowadays it has got all the features necessary to optimize for Google. It is very easy to use: even the most tech-challenged individuals will find it easy to worth with WordPress and there are a lot of different plugins (additional modules to make your website more functions) available for your choice. In my other articles you will get lots of information and guidelines how to use WordPress CMS to set up your translator’s website. So, if you want to set up a professional website within a very limited budget, then you choice should be like mine – WordPress.

How To Succeed As A Freelance Translator: Managed WordPress Hosting against Shared Hosting

Most translators are alike. We are all tech-challenged. And we don’t know how to succeed as a freelance translator online. Thanks to the rapid development of information technologies nowadays even an ordinary translator who does not have any special knowledge can create a professional website and can cope with such strange words like “hosting provider”. Just a couple of year ago it was quite difficult to manage hosting services on your own, without any help from guys who are good at shared hosting issues.

But since the beginning of 2014 the situation has changed greatly. At the beginning of 2014 quite a few hosting providers have started to offer the services of Managed WordPress Hosting. Managed WordPress Hosting costs a bit more than a shared one, but it is worth it. You won’t notice how you will become a professional admin of your own website.
All the Managed WordPress Hosting providers guarantee faster speeds (you don’t need to use any cache plugins), enhanced security, comprehensive support, automatic updates. Thus, my choice is Managed WordPress Hosting: it will give you the right path how to succeed as a freelance translator.

In the next article I will discuss what Managed WordPress Hosting provider to choose for your professional translation services website.