Rules For Choosing Your Domain Name For Translation Services

You can find much information on choosing your domain name in the translation business. But competing for strong online presence in translation services niche is becoming harder day by day. When choosing a domain name for a new online translation start-up with limited financial resources, you can face an issue which domain name to choose: with popular relevant keywords or something unique. I also didn’t know and therefore made a lot of mistakes. Now let me tell you secrets, so that you could avoid bad luck in your undertakings to set up a translator’s website.

Rules For Choosing Your Domain Name. Discoverable Domain Names.

Many visitors will come to your translation services website through the search engines and via direct links on other websites. In other words your potential customers come to your translator’s website because they got interested in the description they read. This domain names are usually called discoverable.

To create a domain name in translation business discoverable is not an easy task. But fortunately there are obvious rules for choosing your domain name. The first thing you need to do is to decide for which keyword or keywords you would like your website to be found on search engines. I have analyzed more than 3000 domain names in the translation services niche and can define the following types of names (taking into consideration main tips for choosing the right domain) which contain:

  • target language + translation or + translator
  • translate + target language
  • target language + fields of expertise (e.g. tech, medical, agro, marketing etc.)
  • target language + locale where you offer translation services (e.g. russianlondon)

According to web traffic based studies carried out a few years ago, investing in discoverable domains proved to bring a significant increase of lead generation and a significant business growth. But today, with the change of Google algorithm at the end of 2014, brandable domain names become more effective and important.

Rules For Choosing Your Domain Name. Brandable domain names.

A brandable domain name is a unique name that will make your visitors associate it with your translation services website and its content. It should have a nice pronunciation, interesting combination of letters or simply appealing visual effect.

If you choose this type of the domain name, then the marketing strategy must focus on paid search listings, banner ads, buzz building.
I have analyzed about 2,000 of brandable domain names and can state that there are two basic types of brandable domain containing:

  • the name of the translator who offer services, like my website
  • your target language + suffixes or prefixes or any additional words.

You can find a lot of online tools which will help you find a unique and catchy domain name and to follow the rules for choosing your domain name. To help you find that perfect moniker, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of business name generator tools to make sure your brand gets off on the right foot

Tools to Help you Brainstorm Domain Names for Your Translator’s Website:

  • Name Station – one of the best tools for generating domain names with huge lists of prefixes and suffixes.
  • Domainr – finds domain names and short URLs. Instantly check availability and register for all top-level domains.
  • Business Name Generator – tool from Shopify that automagically combines your keyword with other words to generate a robust list of available domain names.
  • Name Mesh is a tool that allows you to search and create domain names based on a number of different categories.