Top 3 Keys To A Successful Mobile Application Marketing in Russia

Russia App market is completely different from other Android markets. This article covers everything you need to know about promoting your app or mobile game in Russia. If you are looking for a good place to market your app then Russia might well be it with low cost-per-installs and high value users.

1. Russia App Market: Localization.

It is crucial to offer culturally-tailored content. That process might include from simply transcreating content with relevant keywords (only 8% of Russians can speak English), to a complete content and design change. Candy Crush game didn’t even get into the Top 10 list in Russia because of the lack of localization. Russian audience doesn’t want exactly the same content as your existing targets. Cultural and linguistic differences may involve more difficulties than you initially think. As with your home market, there are different segments. You can analyze them with a useful Yandex Wordstats service, which has been specially developed to get insights into the Russian market. With this tool you will be able to improve your App visibility, encourage users to visit your App page and consequently increase the number of application downloads in the Russian market. If you are on a tight budget, find out how to localize with minimum investments.

2. Russia App Market: Alternative Stores in Russia.

To reach the Russia App market effectively, it is reasonable to consider alternative application stores for the Russian market. Today the largest alternative application store in Russia to Google Play Store is Yandex.Store. This is an application manager built on the Android platform. Right now there are more than 150,000 apps there. The main market is Russia, but also the countries where Yandex is promoting its services: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey. GetUpps! is the second largest alternative application store. This is an application storefront created by MegaFon. It is a home to over 50,000 applications. Third place belongs to MTS App Market. For a small subscription fee of US$0.35 per week it grants users access to over 3000 premium applications. All three of these application stores offer high visibility and superior engagement in the Russian market.

3. Russia App Market: App Promotion on Russian Social Media.

Facebook doesn’t rule the social realm in Russia like in many other countries. By comparison, vKontakte (VK) engages around 57 mln monthly users, followed by Odnoklassniki with 43 mln and Moi Mir (My World) with 31 mln. However, your center of attention should be MyTarget. It is a Russian mobile application promotion system that can fills ads to the above mentioned largest Russian social networks. Today, myTarget drives the largest volumes of traffic on the Russian market. Now, the volumes of downloads myTarget can give you vary greatly depending on the specifics of the application promoted and, of course, the cost you are ready to pay for an install. In general, casual games or mass-market applications can get up to 3,000 downloads for iOS and up to 10,000 downloads for Android if the campaign is at its high.